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I help with everything financial so you can enjoy the journey to financial independence.  When you achieve your goals, I’ll be there to confirm you have the freedom to work on the things that matter to you, rather than just a paycheck.

As a fee only fiduciary, I have a legal obligation to act in your best interest and provide unbiased advice.  For all of my recommendations I make sure the costs are reasonable, and the outcome is more than worth the costs incurred.  You will quickly realize how deep my frugal nature is; I don’t like others to waste money either!


No commissions, no hidden charges.

I pride myself on providing clear value with transparent costs.


Always acting in the best interest of my clients.


CFP® professional since 2013.

Certified Public Accountant

CPA designation since 2012.

Licensed in Maryland and Virginia.


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How I can help you achieve financial independence so you can worry about things that matter, not your finances.

Service Offerings

Here’s how we will work to identify, prioritize and accomplish your financial goals so you can achieve them and then set new goals for the rest of your life.

My service offerings aim to provide the support you need to reach your goals.  Please check out the offerings on the right.

Financial planning engagements encompass your entire financial life.  The components of the planning process are laid out below.  Beyond these elements of planning, we will dig into your beliefs and relationship with your finances and work to understand the motivations behind your goals.  All of this work will help you better prioritize your goals so you can accomplish them and focus on the things that matter the most to you.

While tax planning and portfolio analyses are covered in the financial planning engagements, ongoing tax compliance and portfolio implementation are separate engagements.  I have found that these are the two areas where my clients can use the most help in implementing and monitoring the recommendations from the planning process.

Cash Flow

We work together to get an understanding of how much money is coming in versus going out and determine whether it’s going towards the right things.  We will discuss how expenses will change over your life and how we can focus your energy and resources towards those expenses that provide you the most value.

Income Taxes

After reviewing your most recent tax return, we will discuss tax planning opportunities and work to implement strategies to reduce your income tax burden.  We view income taxes over your lifetime, and look to optimize between current income and the long term impact taxes will have on your financial plan.

Risk Management

We will analyze the risks you have in your life and determine whether putting into place appropriate insurance products will reduce your risk at a reasonable cost.  We will work together with insurance experts to get the coverage you need to accomplish your goals while limiting the impact of life’s uncertainties on your financial plan.


We will determine the optimal portfolio allocation based on the risk you need to take to achieve your goals, any expected needs from your portfolio and your tolerance of market movements.  We will outline a plan to get to this investment mix and continue to monitor investments and their impact on your plan’s success.

Education Planning

We will determine an appropriate expense to plan for for education expenses and a savings plan to implement to achieve your goals.  We will work together to identify savings vehicles, cost reduction techniques and other financing strategies to provide the education to your children that they deserve.

Estate Planning

We will discuss how your assets will be distributed at your death and lay out a plan to identify and achieve your objectives.  Whether avoiding probate, gifting to your family or favorite charity, or ensuring your values live on after your death, we will make sure you understand the status quo and work with a qualified attorney to make sure your wishes are respected.

Creating a Legacy

We will discuss the matters that are most important to you and see the best way for you to support them.  Whether it is providing scholarships to your alma mater, tithing to your church or making sure your children grow up with love for the national parks, we will lay out a plan to provide the financial resources or time to make it happen.

Employee Benefits

We will work together to understand and take advantage of all of the benefits your employer offers.  From maximizing retirement savings and employer stock plans to paid leave and insurance plans, we will see which benefits work best with your financial plan and make sure you are utilizing them appropriately.

Financial Planning

Ongoing Engagement

Working together to build your financial plan, we will get a comprehensive picture of where you currently are, identify your goals and outline a path to reach them.

Portfolio Management

Ongoing Engagement

We will work together to identify and then implement your strategic allocation based on your goals and risk tolerance. Ongoing investment management services and meetings are included.

Tax Preparation

Annual Engagement

I will work with you to prepare Federal and State income tax returns and consult on tax planning opportunities throughout the year.


Transparent prices. Clear Value.

Financial Planning

  • Initial Fee of $1,500
  • Monthly Fee of $700 to $1,000 depending on complexity
  • Monthly Fee is billed in advance
  • Financial Planning clients can have their first $250,000 managed at no charge
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Portfolio Management

  • 0.5% of Assets Under Management
  • $1,250 Minimum Annual Fee (if no Monthly Fee)
  • Management Fee is prorated and billed quarterly
  • Porfolio Management is provided for Financial Planning clients only
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Tax Preparation

  • Flat Fee quoted on expected complexity and time spent
  • $350 per hour
  • Total fee billed at completion of the engagement
  • Price quote is firm unless there are extraordinary circumstances
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The FI-nancial Planner

An Advisor On the Path to FI Himself

Danny Kenny, CPA, CFP®

Founder, Financial Planner

I live in Hamilton, Virginia with my wife, two young daughters and middle aged dog.  On the path to FI myself, I had envisioned early retirement filled with my hobbies of gardening, hunting and fishing, home projects and hiking with my family.  However, after going on our first summer vacation with our firstborn, my wife and I decided the strategy of buckling down and grinding out the years with high income to achieve early retirement just wasn’t the right path for us.  

Because we had done the hard work of planning, saving and investing, we had built up a solid foundation from which we had a lot of opportunities to change our lives for the better.  After reviewing our plan with our own financial planner, we decided to make a change. Because my wife still loved her job and my job was what was wearing us down, I took the leap to pursue a “Fully Funded Lifestyle Change” to do the same work I love, just with clients I better align with and on projects I am truly passionate about.  I know firsthand what the benefits of pursuing FI are, namely the freedom to exit the normal work path and chase the dream of a better work-life balance and work you deeply care about.

Ultimately, my goal is to assist others on their journey to financial independence while creating a life worth living with my family.  I’ll know I’m successful when I can help my clients implement strategies to achieve their life goals and have the confidence that their plans will work, while also being able to spend time with my growing family, whether cooking dinner or reading Goodnight Moon for the 1000th time!

As for my background, I graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with degrees in Finance and Accounting.  For several years after graduation, I worked on individual taxes for high net worth individuals, estates and trusts at a Big 4 accounting firm.  Due to my desire to work on the planning side rather than just the accounting side, I moved into Financial Planning and worked in this field for over five years in a large Fee Only registered investment advisor in the Washington D.C. Metro area.

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Successful professionals and diligent savers should be able to relax, enjoy life and have successful retirements. 

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