Portfolio Management

Formulating and implementing the correct investment strategy is an integral part of the journey to reach your goals.  We will work together to assess your risk tolerance based on several measures, devise a strategy to achieve your investment goals while considering your risk tolerance and implement the strategy using low cost investment choices.  After implementation, I will continue to monitor your investments and take advantage of opportunities to provide additional value through systematized portfolio rebalancing and tax awareness.

The Portfolio Management process will take several months to implement and will continue to be reviewed during the ongoing relationship.

Case Studies

Since joining his startup, Caleb has not had the time to devote to cleaning up his investments in the old retirement accounts he held at previous jobs.

We worked together to develop an investment policy statement while considering his time horizon and risky position in sales at the new company.

We consolidated his accounts to one institution and implemented the investment plan over a three month schedule.  As he deposits future savings, we will invest to his strategic allocation.  As the markets fluctuate, we will take advantage of opportunities to rebalance his investments and capture any gains and losses as his tax situation permits.

Now Caleb can relax about his investments and focus his energy on pursuing opportunities with his new job.

Nine months after our Financial Q&A Call, Madeline reached out and said she thought she could implement the investment plan herself but just hasn’t been able to do it.  In addition, her grandfather told her he wanted to gift shares of stock to her and she didn’t know what to do to receive those shares.

We setup accounts under management and successfully migrated her accounts from the old brokerage without issue.  The next step was the implementation of the plan we had previously outlined.  Finally, we worked with her grandfather to transfer the shares and make sure we understood the tax implications if Madeline were to sell the shares she received.

Now that Madeline’s plan is fully in place, she can relax knowing that she can withstand any stock market correction.  We have quarterly calls to review her investments and make sure she is still comfortable with her investment allocation.

These case studies are fictional and are designed to illustrate the service offering and what the engagement would look like.  Recommendations and results are particular to an individual’s circumstances.