Here’s a short video showing how the presidential party impacts (or not) the stock market over the long term.  Since we are – or should be – long term investors, we should not be concerned about which party holds the White House from an investment perspective!

Over the last 100 years and 15 presidencies, there are three presidents that ended their terms with a lower market valuation than when they started.  Overall, the stock market has a steady rise upward over time.  Therefore, do not fret about the upcoming election, the debates or anything else political when thinking about your investments.  Building a long term investment plan and allocation that we can stick with through ups, downs and everything in between is the most important part of investing.  By also keeping costs down and systematically buying in over time, you will likely need to have to sit down when you open those brokerage statements at retirement!

I hope this is an informative take on the current situation and I hope it helps you be a little bit less concerned about politics over the next month or so.